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valerie smorol

You could say I have always loved helping people transition to a healthy lifestyle….I mean, in the 4th grade I didn’t play teacher with my friends, I played Jane Fonda….and made them all workout in my “class”.

TRIM Boot Camp actually started before my wedding. I decided to buckle down and really kick my fitness journey into gear. I can honestly say, through the things I had implemented, I had never felt or looked better in my life! It was such a positive transformation for me, that I knew I had to share what I did with others! The confident feeling of loving yourself from the inside out.

Fast Forward a few years and I had a BABY! I was able to do TRIM during my pregnancy, but knew I had to have a postpartum version that was safe for my recovery….so, that’s where SmoBABY came from!

I live and breathe the work I do, and I've got big ambitions. Starting Smofitness finally allowed me to put my dreams into action ... and it's a small glimpse into why I am fully committed to helping motivate others in their journey to self-love and self-confidence.

sweat everyday.

eat nourishing foods.

believe that you can do it.

sweat everyday.

eat nourishing foods.

believe that you
can do it.

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