physical transformation

only tells a fragment of the story

Now, don't get me wrong. It's easy to latch onto outer appearances. It's a tangible change that we can see and measure. 

What physical transformation doesn't show is the change and progression in our thoughts, habits and behaviors. What it doesn't show is the discipline it takes to stick to something. What it doesn't show is the dedication required when you simply, "don't feel like it." What it doesn't show is the persistence and patience that it took day in and day out to achieve something you've wanted so badly.

Am I proud of the physical change in each of my clients? Well, HECK YES! 
What I am most proud of is the way they've learned, grown and overcome the obstacles of their journey.



As a new mom of an almost 1 year old, it's been difficult to be consistent with working out. My eating habits were all over the place. Even if I did get to workout, I didn't feel like I was getting much out of them. Since starting #fasterwaytofatloss that has all changed! I feel stronger after every workout and my eating habits are so much better. And the best part is, I didn't have to make crazy changes in my life to get there. I'm still eating a lot of the same things, just being smarter of how much and how often. I'm so excited to see my results at the end of 6 weeks!!



I am shocked at how much I'm actually enjoying intermittent fasting! I've always been a "breakfast" person and never skipped it. I would seriously gag if I went without it. My husband and I are both doing intermittent fasting now and we feel like it has simplified our lives. The morning routine is less hectic and there's less to worry about on the grocery list. More importantly, I think the fasting is the critical piece that has allowed me to stick to a low calorie diet---I've always struggled with this in the past. I love food. And yet somehow, I'm not starving on this program. I notice now that the "need to eat" is driven more by lack of energy than it is hunger, which is really interesting!



I love the research that supports the nutrition piece and how it supports the workouts each day. I love being able to work out from home! The program has challenged me in a way I didn't think I was capable of. It has been a very positive experience so far and is getting me on track!



 I really like the group setting with Valerie's leadership which keeps me accountable. We can learn from each other as we go.



I love that on this program I get to eat, REAL food. No daily Shakes or a zillion pills. I know that I can stick with this program because of that.